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Dave Cross

You might be here to read about my 2020 Vision projects.

Hi, I’m @davorg on Twitter, where my bio describes me as:

Geek, Fintech, SEO, Lefty. Feminist, Atheist. Skeptic. Rationalist. Secularist. Humanist. Republican (UK Meaning!). Londoner. Music lover. Writer. Genealogist.

… which probably about covers it.

Mostly, I make things from software. I’ve been a freelancer developer since 1995, but I recently gave that up to concentrate on my own projects.

I’ve made things like Apollo 11 at 50, Line of Succession and TwittElection. If you’re interested, you can read more about those projects.

My programming language of choice is Perl and I blog about it at Perl Hacks. I’m a frequent speaker at conferences about Perl or other open source technologies.

Outside of work (and if I’m not working on one of my personal projects), I’ll be at a gig, watching a film or researching my family tree.