Dave Cross


Web Development and CI/CD Engineer · Author / Publisher · Digital Mentor

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If you like what you see, there are a few ways that I can provide services to you in exchange for money that I can then use to pay my mortgage and buy toys.

Short-term consultancy

Three days, two weeks, maybe even a month or so. I’d be happy to work on your project for a while. Maybe you just need an external perspective to kickstart your project. Or perhaps you can use a brief injection of experience and deep knowledge.

Areas where I can add value include:


All of the above services, but on a retainer basis. Purchase a small number of days each month for ongoing support.


All of the above, but let me train your team in these skills so you don’t need me anymore.

Other alternatives

Maybe we don’t need an ongoing commercial relationship. Maybe I can help in other ways.


If there’s any way you think I could be useful to you (or if you just want to talk about how me might be able to work together) then why not just drop me an email - hello@davecross.co.uk.