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I’ve written a few books over the last few years.

Data Munging With Perl

An ancient book about data manipulation with Perl. Possibly the first technical book with “munging” in the title.

It’s out of print now, but you can download a PDF from datamungingwithperl.com.

Perl Template Toolkit

I was one of three authors on the only book about Perl’s defacto standard templating engine. It’s almost twenty years old, but still holds up pretty well.

Eighteen Classic Albums

Something a bit different. Many years ago, I was in a music club (like a reading group - but listening to music). We listened to a number of “classic” albums and shared our opinions with each other. I collected my thoughts and shared them in an eBook.

Perl Taster

A very basic introduction to programming in Perl. The subtitle is “Your First Two Hours With Perl” - and that pretty much sums it up.

The Best of Perl Hacks

I’ve been writing a blog about Perl programming over at Perl Hacks for years. During the Covid lockdown, I collected my favourite posts into an eBook.

George and the Smart Home

And now for something completely different. I wrote a children’s book. George lives in a smart home, but nothing works for him. The book traces his adventures as he works out how to control the smart speakers in his home.


I’m the publisher at Perl School a boutique publishing house that publishing books about Perl programming.

I’m in the process of extending that idea to Clapham Technical Press which will do the same thing for the wider technical community.