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This page has a list of projects that I’ve written that you may of heard of.

Apollo 11 at 50

@apollo11at50 is a Twitterbot which retweeted the Apollo 11 mission timeline in real time (timeshifted by fifty years) in July and August 2019.


TwittElection is a site that wakes up whenever there is a general election in the UK. We build a Twitter list for every parliamentary constituency which includes the Twitter account of every candidate in that constituency.

Line of Succession

Line of Succession is a site that will show you the first thirty names in the line of succession to the British throne on any date in the last 180 years.

BBC Radio Streams

Many years ago the BBC Radio Streams project scraped a lot of data from the BBC Radio web site, extracting information about radio streams and presented them in a way that was more useful for many users.

This project was closed down once the Radio iPlayer made accessing the content far easier for most users.

Tower Bridge Data

I got annoyed by the fact that information about when Tower Bridge was going to lift wasn’t easily available in machine-readable format. So I made a site which did just that.